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Color: Assorted

40" CULTURAL MASTERPIECE Wall Washer Lights LEDs Assorted Colors

Item Number:
Price: $266.65
40% Off Price: $159.99
Special effects. Great Imagination. Spectacular Show. A True Work of Art.

These phrases have always followed you around and everyone’s wondering what magical trick do you have up your sleeve next. And like all the Big Names out there, adding a lot of choreographed colorful lights will surely skyrocket your events to the next level. These Wall Washer LEDs are sure to attract the attention of your audience even from far-away and their anticipation is sure to build-up with each step they take closer to your creation.

Use these special LEDs to light your masterpieces, your stage backdrops / diamond curtains. Or immerse your guests to how your newly renovated living room looks under the lights or how a painting is better enjoyed with added lights. Definitely, with bright lights, colors, and a lot of imagination, these lights can create an experience that will make people ask ‘Am I dreaming?’

Additional Information:
count: One LED Washer per order
dimensions: Approx. 40" long x 2.5" x 2.5"
comes with power cord: Yes. 46" 110V
LED Power: 20 Watts
LED Bulb count: 252pcs
Comes with Manual: Yes