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Size Linens: 108 x 14 in
Color: Fushia
Theme: Swirls
Material: Satin
Quality: Premium

Beverly Hills Style Table Runner Fushia Satin Waves

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Price: $11.65
40% Off Price: $6.99
Astonishing! Eye-popping! Bewildering! This Beverly Hills Style linen was crafted to elicit these types of endless praises.

For your key events, you'd definitely wear these wave satins to make a powerful impression. But, what if you are the one hosting such a key life changing event? Then definitely, your event must wear these wave satins that are every-inch beautiful and exude Rich & Influential -hence the Beverly Hills Style. So, if you're not thinking of holding back, then this Table Runner will definitely be key in pushing you forward with your GRAND designs.

GRAND LINENS are now available at for those once-in-a-lifetime celebrations!

How to Care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer.
Material: satin in wave styles
Size: Approx. 14" wide x 108" long

NOTE: For table runner only, table covers and other decorations are sold separately.