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Wedding cake large fountain

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Price: $74.98
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Brand New 5 Tier JUMBO Size Punch Fountain


Water. Punch, Drink, or Champagne Fountain.

Use it during parties, weddings, and many other events.

This is what our customers been asking for years. Definitely not a easy job to develop a motor just as powerful but only 1/10th in size, but after years of development, finally its here.

Shrink down motor size from 5” tall to less than 1”. By doing that, we increase the size of the bottom bowl to this JUMBO size capacity. This way, you can fill lots & lots of drinks & champagne in the bowl, have fun & go wild!

110-124 V, AC motor with 65 in. cord

Measures: 16” 20” tall depending on what you put on the top, 12” in diameter.
Capacity: Approx. 1 gallon.
Plastic Material.
Ideal for use with water. Can be used for soda/beer/champagne, etc. however pump will be sticky after a few uses, flow may be constricted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This item requires 110w voltage jack to use. If you have 220W plugs, as most countries outside of USA do, you will require a converter. If fountain is plugged directly into a 220w jack, it will cause motor to malfunction and fountain will not work. We will not be held liable for machine damage or any other damages attributed to not following directions.