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84" WHIMSICAL Fairy Lights - LED Green

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Call it Fairies Flying around.or Magical Vines of Light.or even an Enchanting Lighted Necklace.

But one things for sure, these LED lights on a string will breathe life into your BACKDROPS, your silk flower arrangements, tour centerpieces arrangements, arches and so many decorative things you can imagine. Why is that? Because theyre like Fairies flying around and making anything it touches fun, exciting and worth remembering.

Make each event WHIMSICAL with!

Additional Information:

Battery: 3 AA batteries not included. Approx. 12-16 Hours duration when lighted.
Length when streched out: approx 84" long
Bulb count: 20 bulbs per order, 2" between each bulb

Note: 1 oder is for fairy lights only, additional decorations not included.