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Size Linens: 90 x 132 in
Color: White
Style: Pintuck
Material: Taffeta
Quality: Premium

White 90x132" Pintuck Tablecloths

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Price: $29.98
40% Off Price: $17.99
They looked fantastic on your round tables; even added that extra depth of elegance when they are used as overlays on head-tables. So now, we're going all the way, by making Pintuck linens now available for your rectangle table needs. Whether you use these lovely rectangle pintuck linens for your Celebration Head Tables or for a crowded party where you simply must have long rows of tables, you can now fully cover your plain tables with your favorite elegant pintuck squares. Using this beautiful linen as your base canvass, you can definitely create an even more remarkable event than what you've done in the past. TWO THUMBS UP in advance!

Combining your favorite color with your favorite shapes, and not to mention, premium materials -then you're definitely at

Also can be used to make huge bows or large area decoration.
Available in 20 colors.

How to Care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer.
Material: Taffeta Pintuck
Approximate Measurements: 90" wide x 132" long
Each Square: 3"x3"
Edges are Folded & Hemmed.

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1' = 12" / 1 foot = 12 inches