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Size Linens: 16 x 14 in
Color: Eggplant
Style: Rosettes
Theme: Florals
Material: Satin
Quality: Premium

Grandiose Rosette Chivari Chair Cap for Wedding Party Event Decoration - Eggplant

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Price: $3.32
40% Off Price: $1.99
Wonderland Rosette Square-Top Chair Caps – Premium Satin

A wonderland is a paradise filled with colors and flowers, and more importantly, possibilities. Our Wonderland Edition Rosette Fabrics is meant to be that bridge that connects reality and fantasy. Now you can cover everything in gorgeous 3D-like roses that looks stunning and adds even more depth than any decorating supplies you’ve used in the past. So the bigger question is, what else will you add to your wonderland have? (balloons, fountains, chandeliers,…etc.) And of course, this chair cap can be used on its own atop a plain square-top chair or can used atop a decorated chair cover to create that spotlight V.I.P. feel.

Material: High quality satin crafted into numerous side by side roses
Approx Measure: 16" wide x 14" long
Designed for Chivari style chairs
Uses: use alone or atop chair covers for wedding, parties, celebrations, graduations, or any special event.
How to Care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer.

Note: Purchase is for Rosette Cap only, chair cover and other decorations are not included.