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140/pk HUG ME Craft Lily Flowers Yellow
Size Favors: Small
Color: Yellow
Material: Satin
Flower Type: Calla Lily

140/pk HUG ME Craft Lily Flowers - Yellow

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Price: $9.23
40% Off Price: $5.54
With outstretched leaves, these craft lilies are simply begging for a hug. If you’re the type of person who lives to convey beauty and meaning then this is the flower for you to share your HUGS with your cherished ones. You only have so much hugs to give and you can’t be physically there all the time, but with these HUG ME Craft Lilies, people will be reminded of your warm and nurturing embrace so long as they keep your craft creation alongside them to remind them that you’re there.

Spread the HUGS with

Additional Information:

flower size: 0.25"
Count: 140 lilies

Note: order is for craft lilies only, other decorative accessories not included