Do I Need A Tent For An Outdoor Wedding?

Backyard backyard tent wedding

A traditional white covering, curtains with vines of flowers, lanterns, chandeliers, and a magnificent long table with candelabras and lovely linens, a tent wedding in backyard is nothing less than a dream come true. A backyard wedding reception with tent is a perfect choice if you want to have an intimate, convenient, and budget-friendly wedding, but if you’re wondering “Do I need a tent for an outdoor wedding, or can I arrange a backyard wedding without tent? Well, a backyard tent wedding is a lot more than a weather-related thought, in fact these tents for backyard wedding have become a central part of the wedding decor. To guide you a little on how to have a backyard wedding with tent, we have listed some key pointers that will surely clear your doubts about whether a wedding tent in the backyard a good idea or not?

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End Summer on a High Note with our Backyard Party Setup

Backyard Party Summer

With the wind slowly changing its course and the air getting crispier by the day, it’s time to welcome the wonders of fall and bid farewell to the sweet summer season. If you’ve been looking for ways to enjoy the warm summer sunshine till it lasts, hosting a one last backyard party is surely a great way to end this delightful season on a high note. Whether it’s a festive holiday, graduation party, a birthday bash, anniversary celebrations, or just a fun get together with friends and family, backyard parties are known to be laid-back and casual, but there is no reason you can’t spruce things up a bit and add a gorgeous refined touch to your backyard party decorations. That being said, a beautifully decorated outdoor space and a lovely tablescape with a drinks bar on the side can set the atmosphere for your backyard bash making it even more special. To elevate your end of summer backyard party decor to a whole new level, we have created a stunning set up that is chic and modern to its core! Are you excited to know more about our backyard party decorations? Check out the photos below and read on to know how we added a dash of glamour and charm to our backyard set up!

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Bid Farewell To Summer With A Perfect Labor Day Party!

Backyard Labor Day Patriotic

Labor Day, is a day to respect and honor the social and economic achievements of all the American workers who have contributed their heart and soul in building up the economy. Whether working in a farm, at the plant, in the office or at home, workers are the forceful engine behind any dynamic economy and for that they definitely deserve a day of honor. Held on the first Monday of every September, Labor Day is the perfect occasion to bask in the late summer heat. So, gather all hard workers in your acquaintances and make them feel treasured with a sweet Labor Day party that also bids farewell to sunny summer season. Revel in the refreshing first breeze of early fall and send summer off in the most enchanting way with a festively decorated Labor Day party. Read on as we have pulled together some interesting tips and family-friendly ideas for your end of summer bash, since the summer fun doesn’t have to end just like that. 

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A Refreshing Tablescape for a Cheerful Summer Garden Party

Artificial Plants Backyard Decoration Party Summer

Summer is on its way! With sunny afternoons by the pool and balmy evenings under the stars, summer is the perfect season to revel in the festive spirit. Soak up the sweet summer sun and enjoy the seasonal bounties by creating a cool backyard partyscape and indulge yourself and your loved ones in a truly refreshing experience. Whether it’s the first BBQ of the season, a picnic, a cookout, birthday party or a family gathering, wow your friends and family by hosting a chic summer garden party. Setting an enticing tablescape is one way to make your summer party memorable for your guests. Summer garden party decorations are the perfect way to show off your creativity and freshen up the festive spirit. Throwing a backyard party may seems like a big challenge, but with some of our top garden party decoration ideas you will end up creating a garden that is  fit for a feast. We decided to setup a lovely summer inspired tablescape that has all cool decorative elements to stylishly exhibit the seasonal sensation. Read on to learn how to throw a garden party and create an oasis for a backyard party where everybody gets the ample amount of joy and sunshine!

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Honor Your Dad with a Baseball-Inspired Backyard Burger Bar!

Backyard Father'S Day Home Decor

Father’s Day is swiftly approaching, but you still don’t have a plan of how to honor your dad, a father of your kids, or other “dads” of your life? If your dad swoons over baseball, we’ve got you covered with a safe plan! Since nothing spells baseball like hot dogs, burgers, and other yummies, we suggest you create a simple backyard burger bar followed with a baseball-related “after-party”! Prep in advance … if you wish to Basically, you’ll need hamburger patties, buns, grated cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella, or brie, to name just a few), savory and cool toppings, condiments, and toppers...

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