Throw Your Best Fall “Burlap” Shower!

Bridal Shower Burlap Rustic

While bridal showers continue to be so popular, many of us are not aware about the true reason for this celebration. If you happen to plan your or your bestie’s bridal shower this fall and believe that it’s only about giving gifts to the bride, this article is for you. Are you a bride-to-be who doesn’t know how to ask your bestie to be your MOH? This article is for you. Are you a beginner in a party-planning industry who doesn’t know how to give a bridal shower that autumnal allure? Please read on!

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New Arrival! Fringed Faux Burlap!!

Burlap Jute Rustic Tablecloth

Brand New to Efavormart, we’re not offering a gorgeous Fringed Faux Burlap! Our material is one of our most popular material, and even though this is definitely does not have the authentic qualities of burlap, it’s a more suitable and classy material for all types of events. This “Faux” burlap is made with a similar material, but the with a tighter weave and an unfinished edge giving it a sort of “fringe” design. Now available in in different styles! We have it as a square tablecloth, overlay and table runner! Give your next event (or home!) a classy makeover with...

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Burlap 101

Burlap Decoration Rustic Wedding

  The buzzword that has been trending for the last few years around the wedding and event scene is “Rustic”. If you’re an event planner, researching for wedding or party themes, chances are you have run into this style of decorating. A staple for this look is utilizing Burlap, a rough and grungy material that is perfect complement to any rustic themed event. But what is Burlap? Burlap is fabric, generally made with the fiber of the jute plant. The fiber of the jute is generally very coarse and uneven, however is very strong and 100% natural. This also makes...

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Quick and Easy Printable Transfers Tutorial

Burlap Decoration DIY Jute

Check out our Pennant Banner, and other Burlap Products on our website: Burlap Pennant Banner Other Burlap Products

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