Cake-shaped Favor Boxes!

DIY Featured Fun with Favors Party Planning Wedding Inspirations

Products used: Cake Slice Favor Craft Leaves Pristine Craft Roses 5/8 Satin Ribbon

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Bedazzle your favors with Rhinestones!

Fun with Favors New Item Showcase Party Planning Wedding Inspirations

Favors can come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some could come with outrageous patterns, while some are a bit more subtle. Whatever your favor might end up looking like, your guests will appreciate the fact that they can come home with a little piece of your event. That shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful favor that matches your event theme. It can liven up the table décor and give you guests something to tinker with before your programming begins.
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A Favor Bottle for All of your Wedding Wishes

Fun with Favors Wedding Inspirations

If there is one thing we wish for you – it would be that all of your dreams come true. While it seems hard to believe – we have a way to make your wedding wishes a reality – that’s with our wish keeper favors. Whether as gifts for your bridal party, wishes for your wedding guests, or even wish keepers to fill as a shower favor – these clear bottles are the wedding supplies of dreams! If you wish for it – there’s a great way to fill your favor bottle. Better Skin – Fill the bottle with a...

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Fun Things to Do With Favor Boxes

Best of Pinterest Fun with Favors

Favor boxes are a wonderful item to hold small gifts for your guests to take home.  These charming little boxes and adorable on their own, but with a little creativity and elbow grease, you can truly transform normal favor boxes into unforgettable works of art! Here are some great ideas to make favor boxes that really stand out!     Wrap favor boxes with cellophane or other material and tie them with ribbon for a creative take on a wrapped present. Gluing paper leaves or flowers to the package will also add a dash of elegance and beauty. This is...

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Great Decorative Accents with Glitter Stems

Fun with Favors Wedding Decorations

Did Ke$ha sneeze or is that just glitter on your craft table? Glitter stems provide an easy way to take simple decor from drab to dazzling. Without having to DIY with glue or glitter sprays on your own! The shimmery nature of glitter branches makes it easy to work them into centerpieces or bouquets, and you can make your decorative emphasis charming and memorable. There are many ways to make glitter stems a glittering part of a special event. Natural Arrangement Additions – One simple idea is to use glitter branches just as you would use floral picks. Insert your...

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How to Cut Your Personalized Ribbon

Fun with Favors Wedding Decorations

Personalized ribbons are perfectly used to accent your holiday gifts, party favors and more. Designing and ordering your personalized ribbon is quick and easy, with your choice of various messages, colors and emblems. The ribbon is also printed in a way so you can conveniently cut each piece. The following instructions will direct you on how to properly cut your personalized ribbons and complete the look with a bow. 1. First, lay out the ribbon in front of you. Both sides of your text should appear all clumped together throughout the ribbon. 2. For each group of text, cut between...

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Creative Ways to Use Personalized Favors & Accessories

Fun with Favors

Personalized favors and decorations are becoming very popular as they enable you to add your own personal touch with someone’s initials, a special message or emblem. Whether it is for an anniversary, corporate birthday party or even Thanksgiving dinner, there are a variety of ways to incorporate personalized favors into all of your events. So skip the plain decor and get a little personal with your favors! We threw some ideas out there to get you started. Personalized Beverage Napkins.  These personalized napkins are perfect to use for hors d’oeuvres or with beverages. Customization options are endless, with over 20...

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