Lovely Lighted Lanterns

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It’s the middle of summer, and the heat and sun have caused a lot of events to be held indoors or in the evenings. Sacrificing a bit of natural light for some escape from the heat is a practical solution to keeping your guests comfortable, but now you can also add your own flair to the event with mood lighting from efavormart! Today, we have these colorful lanterns and kissing balls hung with a strip of tulle. The lanterns come in many shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find the perfect one to match the theme and colors for...

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Tips for Eating Healthy at Parties This Holiday Season

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Let’s face it; eating healthy around the holidays is not easy. So many parties, get-togethers and other events can allow the extra pounds to sneak on. Prepping party favor bags with nutritious treats and bringing them to a party is one great way to stay on track. Here are some other great ways to stay health focused this holiday party season: Eat a big meal before you head out to the party. Make yourself a big salad with a lot of vegetables. Throw some chicken breast or hardboiled egg in for protein. This way you are full when arriving at...

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Christmas Party Tips & Checks List

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Christmas comes but once a year! Are you ready for the parties, the dinners, and the office celebrations? Be ready for it all with our Christmas party tips and check list! Are the ornaments and decorations all unpacked? Sometimes we forget a box in the back of the attic – make sure everything is out and with your favorites on full display. Prepare – don’t rush to pull things together at the last minute. Follow this outline for the holiday: A month before – pick a date and send invites – it is a busy time of year after all!...

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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Part 2

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Whether you’re too busy planning your own wedding, ten other weddings, or just tired out from the past ten months of wedding planning, you’re probably pooped out! Last week we gathered up a few ideas for the brides-that-are or the bridal party to dress up as. This week, we’re gathering up the leftover wedding decorations, sweet sixteen’s glitter covered tablecloths or even that toddlers themed birthday party decorations for some cheap and easy costumes to throw together in no time! Fairy Godmother of Weddings – You are one already, why not dress the part. Rather than go out and find...

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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Part 1

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Have you been waiting too long to decide what costume to wear to your office party, best friend’s shindig or just to hand out candy in? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there …and done the lame thing and grabbed a mask to pretend we planned to be a clown for Halloween. Here are a few different costume ideas you can try with your leftover party or wedding supplies, or with what’s just lying around the house! Magical Princess – You’re never too old to be a princess, especially when you’re a newlywed you’re still on a magical high! Still have your...

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Frightening Favor Boxes for a Halloween Party! What’s Inside is Sweet, Not Scary!

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Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn, and caldron bubble. There’s more a-brewing than weddings in October! Aside from all of the so-stylish and personalized Halloween themed weddings we’ve seen, there are Halloween birthday parties, spooky bachelorette parties and good old fashioned Halloween parties! Even the spookiest and silliest of parties should have a fun gift – which is where these favor box fillers ideas come in. Owl Cookies – When you want something that’s not goofy, childish, but still hauntingly fitting the theme, this owl cookie recipe from Sunset is a cute surprise to find inside an autumn colored...

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Plan the Perfect Surprise for Mother’s Day!

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May 13 is approaching fast, but there’s still time to plan the perfect day for Mom! The woman who does so much for her children, especially on their wedding days, deserves the very best. Why not set up a surprise for your Mom this Mother’s Day! Breakfast in Bed for Adults. Bring Mom breakfast in bed, but not in the messy way you would as a child. You can surprise even the earliest of risers by waiting until Mom leaves the room. Then lay out a gorgeous spread on her bed and surprise her when she returns to the room....

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