Create your own Tree of Thanks!

Centerpiece DIY Manzanita Tree Thanksgiving

Products Used: Wedding Favor Tags Manzanita Centerpiece Tree Chambury Casa Burlap Cord

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Queen of Hearts Topiary Centerpiece

Centerpiece Decoration Manzanita Tree Valentine's Day

Alice in Wonderland is a childhood classic, and whether you have watched Disney’s adaptation, or read the novel by Lewis Carroll, the story and the characters are iconic and memorable in our everyday lives. Inspired by this unique tale of adventure and wonder, we created this topiary centerpiece, perfect for any themed party. This centerpiece is reminiscent of the Queen of Heart’s garden, where her card henchmen are painting her roses red, because of her dislike for white roses. Our centerpiece starts out with our Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Tree. This tree itself was perfect in expressing the theme as it...

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One of a Kind Rainforest Centerpiece

Centerpiece Decoration Manzanita Tree Wedding

There is no denying that the elements that are found within nature are beautiful. The natural beauty of trees, flowers, and grass expresses a unique feel and power within events and party themes. However, displaying natural items for events may be a bit cumbersome and impractical. Don’t fret! Here at EfavorMart, we carry  trees, branches , and flowers specifically designed for these types of situations! An example of one of these items is the  30 inch Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Tree in Royal Blue. Here in this ethereal dream-like centerpiece, the 30″ Vogue Manzanita tree placed inside a floating candle bowl...

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