6 Reasons to Consider Giant Paper Flowers

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Peony season is yet to come but you can’t wait for your favorite blooms any longer? Or, maybe, DIY flowers are not your strong suit? Meet our breathtaking collection of giant paper florals and reasons why they’ll definitely steal your heart. Trendy & Almost Real Still consider faux flowers to be tacky and old-fashioned? Believe it or not, craft botanicals are all the rage in our era of eco-friendly décor. Giant paper peonies and carnations, like the ones below, are no different. Their gorgeous layers of fluffed petals mimic the natural construction of real beholders. If they weren’t 12-20 inches,...

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New Arrival! Fringed Faux Burlap!!

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Brand New to Efavormart, we’re not offering a gorgeous Fringed Faux Burlap! Our material is one of our most popular material, and even though this is definitely does not have the authentic qualities of burlap, it’s a more suitable and classy material for all types of events. This “Faux” burlap is made with a similar material, but the with a tighter weave and an unfinished edge giving it a sort of “fringe” design. Now available in in different styles! We have it as a square tablecloth, overlay and table runner! Give your next event (or home!) a classy makeover with...

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