5 Ways to Get Creative with Our Succulents


Over the past few years, succulents have become one of the most popular trends.   These small-sized symbols of survivability can be seen everywhere, from wooden or marble flower pots to pajamas and nail designs. Whether you are looking to freshen up your kitchen island, wedding reception, or garden party attire, we’ve got you covered with something more than just flower pots, pajamas, and a nail design.
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Presenting our new line of artificial succulent plants

Succulent Plants Succulents

We’d like to welcome our newest line of goodies to the efavormart.com family: succulents, succulents, and more succulents!  If you’re like me, and love the look of fresh plants around the house, but stress over how to keep them looking healthy and in tip-top shape, these adorable greeneries are absolutely perfect for you.  Delightful to look at, instantly brightens up your home décor, and best of all, they require ZERO maintenance!  What’s the secret, you ask!?  Indistinguishable from real greenery, our succulent plants are actually artificial! 

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Creating a succulent arrangement that's uniquely yours

Succulent Plants Succulents

Although many of our artificial succulent plants come with matching mini pots and look charming just the way they are, you can also infuse a bit of your own creativity into creating your very own arrangement! A delightful presence on coffee tables, shelves, or work stations, a succulent arrangement can easily bring the charms of natural vegetation into your home or office décor.  Don’t forget the best part, since these succulents are artificial plants, they will remain green throughout the entire year with zero maintenance!      

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