An All American Summer Backyard Picnic Table Set up

Backyard Patriotic Decoration summer party summer table decor

There is something about the warm summer season that lifts the spirit and replenishes the soul as you feel the sun on your face and breathe in the fresh air in an open outdoor space. But like all good things, summers must come to an end. Are you not ready to let go of the blissful season just yet? We miss the warmth of the sweet sunshine and the relaxed vibe of summer already! And we couldn’t just let it pass by us without squeezing in an alfresco dinner party with friends and family for a perfect end of summer outdoor picnic experience. With the new season all set to take over anytime now, now is definitely a great time to head out the backdoor for one last outdoor picnic out in the open with idyllic lush green surroundings before the green leaves give way to the gorgeous hues of red, yellow, and orange.

Whether you are up for a BBQ party or you are celebrating any special holiday or occasion, backyard picnics can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. With that being said, we believe that a beautifully set picnic table is all you need to elevate your backyard bash to a whole new level of classy elegance that too with utmost convenience. Take hold of the opportunity and get ready to be inspired by some charming picnic table decor ideas because we have created a stunning backyard picnic table setup featuring a lovely summer color palette and posh tabletop decorations that ticks all the right boxes. Check out our set up video and read on to find out more about our all American summer picnic table decorations!

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Tips for Throwing an Amazing Hawaiian Themed Party

Hawaiian theme party summer party

Looking for a tropical theme to celebrate your summer soiree? For a festive and interactive party that everyone can enjoy, a Hawaiian themed party is one of the most popular themes around. After all, who doesn’t want to spend a day having fun in a tropical paradise? Whether you’re planning the perfect and exotic getaway, or trying to add some tropical flavor to your soiree these Luau-themed party ideas will bring a Hawaiian flair to all your tropical summer celebrations.

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Get into the Summer Mode with These Party Themes

summer party summer table decor

It’s finally the end of May, and the gentle summer-inspired wind calls for amazing drinks, mouth-watering food, and a great company. Whether you are celebrating a kids’ birthday event, preparing an annual block party with your neighbors, or planning to start a new summer tradition, your first step will be choosing the perfect seasonal theme. To help you get the party started, we’ve listed a few fun summer party ideas below!

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