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A Whimsical Backyard Picnic Setup to Swing into summer

Backyard summer picnic party

With the sun shining at its brightest and the birds twittering around, the sweet summer season is on its peak! So now's the perfect time to get outside, bask in the afternoon sun, and cherish all the things this beautiful season has to offer. And there is no better way to do that than having a picnic to make some great memories that will surely last a lifetime. Even though venturing into the great outdoors is not really an option right now, alfresco dining and a good old summer picnic in your very own backyard is certainly not off the table. Have you been longing for a day under the blue sky after being cooped up inside your home for almost the entire spring? We had been yearning for it too, so we mustered up a wonderful and elegant picnic setup by the backyard pool to shake off those gloomy quarantine blues. Read on and discover how exactly we managed to pull off a fascinating picnic spread while still following all the recommended safety precautions.

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