Warm Up your Wedding with Luxurious Gold Decorations

centerpiece decoration gold theme centerpiece Wedding Centerpieces

Breaking dated décor rules is in style, so if you’ve shied away from gold because you think it’s too daring or you’re afraid to mix metallic hues in your décor, it’s time to think again. Decorating with metallics, especially gold, for the wedding is sophisticated, elegant, and timeless. Gold wedding decorations are fine basic or accent color for any time of the year. Another peculiarity of the majestic gold color is that it can be shiny or dull or luxurious and can be mixed with an array of colors. If you’ve made up your mind to make ‘gold’ the highlight at your wedding, carry on reading this blog to get inspired with some glittering gold wedding ideas!

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An Elegant and Serene Swan-Themed Décor for a Magical Party

birthday decoration Birthday Parties swan theme decor Wedding Centerpieces

Every party starts with a bit of inspiration and if you’re looking forward to add a serene atmosphere to your little girl’s birthday or perhaps a bridal shower, a swan themed-décor will surely have your guests swooned over.  In addition to their grace and beauty, swans are a symbol of love, purity, and peace. Hence, it is a wonderful idea to incorporate a swan-theme into your party’s décor and we have cherry-picked some beautiful ideas for you to create a stunning décor with a subtle color palette.

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Two DIY Nature-Inspired Centerpieces from eFavormart

centerpiece decoration DIY DIY decor Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to tablescapes, a well-designed centerpiece is a perfect way to pull all the colors, textures, and designs together. However, while ornate candelabra and lush flower bouquets can be seen on every other tabletop, you might find yourself craving for something truly unique. In this blog, our designers are happy to tuck all your worries away with these easy nature-inspired DIY centerpieces, which are sure to give your setup an extra touch, no matter which season you are drawing inspiration from!

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Two Heart-Melting Setups to Wave a Friendly Goodbye to the Winter Season

Wedding Centerpieces

According to the calendar, we are in the middle of February, and spring is less than three weeks away. If you are already longing for those spring “gifts” – like lovely bird songs, first blossoms, and lots of sunlight – we strongly recommend you make a pause and just seize the moment. Winter is a marvelous season, and it deserves a friendly goodbye. What about a winter-inspired tablescape? Whether you like the idea or not, these tantalizing setups will make you forget about spring!
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