What Colors Go With Sage Green For A Wedding?

Sage Wedding Colors Wedding Wedding Inspirations

When it comes to picking trending wedding colors for your big day decor, sage wedding colors are all the hype right now. These muted greens with gray undertones can be incorporated into just about any wedding style. But what colors go with sage green for a wedding? Well, owing to its muted pigment, sage acts as a neutral shade in a wedding color palette and can be paired with most colors for a spectacular outcome! Here are some of our favorite color pairings with sage wedding colors along with tips and suggestions on how to creatively use them in your wedding decoration.  

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Do You Need A Wedding Arch?

Hexagon Wedding Arch Wedding Wedding Inspirations

Wedding is a lovely time in one’s life when we want all things picture perfect, from wedding dress and bouquet to wedding décor and accessories. With so much planning to do, if you come across a question: Do you need a wedding arch or not? The answer is definitely in positive as décor items are the make or break elements of the whole ceremony. While it comes in eye catching shapes, the hexagon wedding arch at efavormart is nothing short of the best to pull off an enthralling look to the ceremonies for the matches made in heaven! So dispel all the doubts and go through some interesting reasons why do you need a wedding arch for a wedding.

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Cake-shaped Favor Boxes!

DIY Featured Fun With Favors Wedding Inspirations

Products used: Cake Slice Favor Craft Leaves Pristine Craft Roses 5/8 Satin Ribbon

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Dreamy Destination Wedding Trends

Fun With Favors Wedding Inspirations

  Bon voyage! Whether you’re off to Hawaii, Cancun, or Italy for your big day, we’ve get some island-inspired decor ideas for you and your guests to enjoy. Here are a few of our favorite destination wedding trends for 2012: 1. Bubbles: Bubbles are back! Brides love the ambiance wedding bubbles creates after “I do’s” have been exchanged. Bubbles prove to be a fabulous accessory in wedding photos! 2. Entertainment: Hiring local musicians and providing live music to your guests is always fun. This will have everyone on their feet enjoying the dance floor. 3. Décor: Bows are a must...

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