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Crystal Beaded Candelabras

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Crystal Beaded Candelabras


This bedazzling crystal candelabras for weddings will spectacularly highlight candles, LEDs, bouquets and peacock feathers, exuding multitudes of royal sheen all around. Brilliantly fashioned in modish lofty pillar shape, this tall floor candelabra candlestick features rows and rows of glinting beaded crystals, supported by metallic ball feet.

The glass, metal and crystal combination of these crystal candelabras for weddings and other events provide an unforgettable look. The strings of crystals attached bring a glorious spark, especially when there is a votive candle or LED votive illuminating the center. Use these wholesale candelabras to glam your wedding tables up by lighting candles and LEDs inside, or create a bedazzling spectacle for your guests to behold by placing these precious tall floor candelabra atop decorative mirrors and chandelier centerpiece risers. Also place these impressive crystal candle holders on the gift tables, the cake tables, the head table for sponsors or as part of your centerpiece table design.

Crystal candelabras for weddings will make a stunning addition to your wedding or special party decorations by creating a glamorous display with an individual crystal candle holder, a pair of crystal votive holders, and even a cluster of contrasting size and shape candle holders. Dress your party tables up in the most surreal manner with these tall floor candelabra exuding a splash of luminous festivity!

Efavormart takes your celebrations very earnestly, offering some of the best *wholesale candelabras* available to facilitate the romantic atmosphere of your special events. Our Crystal Beaded Candelabra collection comprises only of the bestsellers that we've gathered over the years to bring total delight to our customers. Our cost is low as well compared to our competitors, but the quality of our decors is just what you are searching for. We sell some of the best wholesale crystal beaded tall floor candelabra that one could expect to find. Grand events can be challenging to organize, but let us help you by enchanting your reception with glamorous pieces with its dreamlike radiance and majestic design.

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