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2.5 Ft Gold Acrylic Crystal Goblet Candle Holder Flower Ball Stand

Item Number: CHDLR_051_GOLD

$55.43 Sale Price
$329.99 Retail Price

  • Material: Metal
  • Height: 2.5 Ft
  • Qty: 1 Pcs
  • Globe Diameter: 6"
  • Globe Height: 8" 
  • Globe Top Width: 7"
  • Globe Bottom Width: 4"
  • Stem Height: 22" 
  • Base Diameter:  7"
  • Crystal Count: 240 Crystals

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Glamorously Gorgeous! This exquisite piece is sure to ooze oodles of glimmer and shimmer to your home or party space. Our glass crystal gem cut embedded candle holder is fashioned in a chic goblet style with rows and rows of faceted crystal beads coiled in metal rings for a magical shine and romantic appeal. Equally elegant tapered stem has most stunning flared design with a spangled splayed base to assure firm support to your Candle or Floral Arrangements. The impeccable sheen of sparkly crystals and seamless luster of fine gold finish coupled with their luxurious loftiness, make these candle holders an excellent decoration accessory for traditional and contemporary style celebrations. The crystal beaded goblet has a central candle holder that perfectly holds our 3 1/8" Pillar, Votive, or Taper Candles, creating a mesmeric display of dancing silhouettes all around. Bedazzle your guests by placing these gorgeous goblets on the floor, along the aisle passage, or on the guests’ tables, illuminating the entire ambiance with their soft exotic glow!

Additional Information

  • Material: Metal
  • Height: 2.5 Ft
  • Qty: 1 Pcs
  • Globe Diameter: 6"
  • Diameter of the Candle Holder: 3"
  • Length of the Globe: 8" Tall
  • Width of the Globe Top: 7"
  • Width of the Globe Center: 9"
  • Width of the Globe Bottom: 4"
  • Height of the Stem: 22" Tall
  • Width of the Central Stem Sphere: 3"
  • Base Diameter:  7"
  • Crystal Count: 240 Crystals
  • Uses : Wedding, Party,  Birthday, Event, Table Decoration, Centerpieces


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