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Checkered Table Covers

You can make your wedding decor look uber cool with our black and white checkered table cloth plastic. If this is not your favoured shade, we have a wide range of colors and sizes in checkered plastic tablecloth – for you to choose from! You can use our checkered plastic table cover during the party and then throw it away – without bothering with cleaning or storage later!

Our silver/black checkered vinyl tablecloth will provide a chic look to your banquet. It looks just like a cloth tablecloth – but without the related hassles! And for that casual look – our white/red checkered plastic tablecloth is an eternal favourite! You can use this one or our white/royal blue disposable tablecloth to get that outdoor picnic feel inside your banquet!

Your event will look bright and lively with our white/pink disposable tablecloth. Not to mention, the brightness will continue through the function as you can wipe off any spillages readily with a sponge and keep our white/serenity blue vinyl tablecloth sparkling clean! This is an easy way to maintain the beauty of our blush/white plastic tablecloth throughout your celebration.

At, we aspire to make your function a success. Our checkered tablecloth for party is made from high quality material to look beautiful and elegant at all times. Besides impressing your guests, it will take away your worries about getting torn or stained at your grand soiree. Visit us to choose checkered tablecloths plastic that complements your reception theme perfectly!

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