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Chevron Table Covers

Your party will look chic & classy with our chevron plastic covers – that are available in a wide range of bright and lively colors. Our disposable table cloths are made from impermeable plastic – to protect your expensive furniture from spillage. Now go ahead and match the jazzy appeal of our chevron tablecloth plastic with your exclusive dinnerware to create a winning combination!

It does not matter what your party theme is – as our hunter green chevron tablecloth gives an ethereal touch to any party setting. Also, you may opt for our silver disposable chevron vinyl tablecloth or gold plastic tablecloth to impart a bright sheen to your banquet. These are fabulous accessories for your bash - that you can easily wipe off to remain clean and pretty throughout your celebration!

You can bring the sunshine look to your wedding with our yellow chevron plastic tablecloth, while our purple disposable tablecloth will make your function look bright & inviting! Our tablecloths are durable enough to last through your event without any rips or tears. Once the function is over, you can throw them away without worrying about cleaning or stacking them up!

At, we strive to offer you top quality material to accentuate your reception and making it magnificent. Our plastic table covers do not wrinkle or gather – to make your dining table a mess. This makes them look elegant and luxurious at your grand soiree. Visit us and you will find exactly what you are looking for!

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