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25 Yards 7/8" Pink | Brown Paw Print Satin Ribbon

Item Number: RIB_PAW_PINK

25 Yards 7/8
25 Yards 7/8
25 Yards 7/8
$6.49 Sale Price
$8.99 Retail Price

1 Qty: 1 Spool/Order
Material: Satin
Color: Pink | Brown
Style: Solid Color w/Paw Print Design
Ribbon Width: 7/8"
Ribbon Length:25 Yards (75 Feet)
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Sturdy & Attractive

Our cute paw print grosgrain satin ribbon has such an adorable look that it will simply rock any baby shower, birthday party, holiday parties, costume parties, pet theme parties or more. This sturdy and attractive ribbon is a perfect decorative accent to augment the splendidness of hats, clothing, collars, labels, hair bows, gift wrapping, favor adornment, and other arts and craft projects that you need to add a little animation into!

Adorable Paw Print Design

With adorable paw print design, it looks like one cute pet walked all over these silky ribbons. This animal-friendly pattern makes this ribbon great for pet projects, wrapping treats, and other crafts. Coming in a wide size of 7/8", this ribbon is also great for making collar bands and straps for your pets, decorating your pet’s space, adorning cards and other crafts, making hair ribbon for girls, tie bows on ponytail or pigtail etc.

High Quality Ribbon

High quality ribbon is constructed of a sturdy weave and can efficiently hold up under sewing, embroidering machine and glue gun usage.



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