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Crushed Design Tablecloths

You can add radiance to your wedding with our plastic tablecloth decorating ideas. We offer thick disposable tablecloths to look beautiful at your grand soiree. Also, you can enhance the mood of your guests with our brightly colored nice disposable tablecloths effortlessly.

Our royal blue round tablecloth will brighten your dining space immediately. It has a unique hue that adds majestic sheen to your reception decor. Another option is to keep it classy with our white crushed design tablecloth - that matches with any kind of wedding theme seamlessly. Also, you may add elegance to your function with our pink crushed design tablecloth – and promote serenity in your party surroundings!

Use our gold crushed design tablecloths for your bash – as you can simply scrape off the crumbs from it and keep it sparkling clean throughout! Similarly, our silver crushed design tablecloth looks majestic besides providing the added functionality of protecting your expensive tableware from scratches or spilled liquids seeping in! Just use our black plastic round tablecloth without the hassle of ironing it – as it is maintenance free!

At, we strive to offer you best disposable tablecloths of high quality - that look graceful without increasing your work of cleaning and maintaining them after the event is over! You can throw away our nice plastic tablecloths after you are done with the celebrations. We offer you a vast range of colors to choose from - select the one that suits your personal style and the theme of your function.

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