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Disposable Bowls

Disposable Bowls

To make your table settings remarkably stylish, you don’t necessarily have to spend all of your decoration budget. Instead, just a dozen disposable bowls from efavormart will transform your plain table into a downright fashionista’s extravaganza at a reasonable price. 

Whatever your menu calls for, large disposable soup bowls, salad bowls, or cheap dessert bowls, we can cater to all your needs – due to the durability and sturdiness of the top-quality plastics, our disposables can easily handle piping hot soups or chilled desserts without leaks or spillage. Furthermore, with the extensive variety of colors, you’ll find popular colors like white, black, or clear plastic disposable bowls in no time. As for the designs and shapes, we provide you with a full selection of options to coordinate with any table setting or party theme. For your nautical theme, we’ve got you covered with our clear disposable seashell salad dessert plates. Our black plastic square disposable bowl will add a contemporary touch to your table presentation, whereas our silver plastic mini square disposable dessert bowls are a perfect investment for those that find metallic trims attractive. At the same time, if you are dissatisfied with those over-hyped disposable soup cups, why not try something out of the ordinary, such as our cooking pots with lid and handles?

These are only a few hot sellers from our immense collection of disposable bowls. To see more options of how you can serve your treats, don’t take our word for it, check our stylish disposables for yourself!

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