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Flower Panels

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Flower Panels


Transform plain and lackluster walls and backgrounds into blooming orchards with our refreshing line of Faux Flower Panels. Crafted from high-quality silk, our realistic Faux Flower Wall Mats mimic the natural charm of fresh flowers and are a perfect way to cover any drab walls, unsightly pipes, and peeling plaster and wall spots. We offer flower wall panels in exotic colors to blend with your party décor perfectly and help you make stunning party flower backdrops, photo booths, wall décor, wall coverings, fence accents, hedges, lush passage way or paths, or even vertical gardens.

Oozing cheerful vibes of a spring garden, our lifelike fake flower wall mats will effortlessly add elegance and radiance to your home, office, or party space. Your party will not require any other decoration once you create vertical gardens with our 3D gold rose wall mat – and bedazzle all with their magnificent shimmer! Usher in natural charm as you build hedges and fence accents with our black silk rose garden wall mat – to add sophistication to your event. Welcome your guests with our cream rose flower wall panel – by creating lush pathways with it!

Featuring lush silk flowers, masterfully and flawlessly attached on sturdy plastic netting that is bendable, can be trimmed, and can easily be attached to most structures, these fake flower wall panels are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. If there is a white wedding in your mind, choose our white silk rose panels to enhance the classic ambiance. Add elegance to your grand soiree with our blush silk rose wall – by creating an awesome backdrop for your amazing photoshoot. Our stunning Fake Flower Wall Mats can help you create a fascinating experience for your guests by adorning the aisle and other pathways!

At Efavormart, we strive to offer you the best quality artificial flower wall panel to make your events most memorable. Visit us to explore the wide range we offer - to ensure that your guests remember your celebration for a long time!

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