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Foam Daisies


Such gorgeous Foam Daisies always triggers the aesthetic instincts of our creative clients, giving them a dream accessory to create magnificent magnum opuses with. Whether you desire to embellish your birthday dessert table, make a background for a fun Wedding photo booth or disguise an unsightly eyesore at your home or party venue with 6 Pack 8" White Real Feel Foam Daisy Flowers and 6 Pack 8" Real Feel Foam Daisy Flowers - Rose Gold | Blush, these robust, high-grade foam flowers will elegantly personalize your space and beautifully elevate your photographs from flat to fantastic! Soft, smooth texture and amazingly life-like construction coupled with the huge magical size give these Foam Daisies a refreshingly fanciful appeal.

The foam circle underneath this Giant Gerber Daisy has two wire loops attached for easy hanging or attaching to other foam flowers, decoration, and accentuating the cakes, arches, tables, chairs, and more. Foam Daisies is specially designed for accessories, DIY craft & party decorations. These flowers come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. With lifelike and soft touch and a thin gauze and paper wired stem detailing, they provide an elegant and beautiful look to wherever they're placed.
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