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Glitter Foil Fringe


Use our glimmering metallic foil fringe curtains for windows to make a jazzy splash on your upcoming special event. Groovy, fun and always perfect for adding a bit of dramatic flair into any event, fringe curtains are a perfect addition to parties, photo booths, performance stages, funky backdrops, or simply for hanging by the doorway. Our high quality iridescent fringe curtain are a simple way to achieve a surreal level of decorative flair.

Their precise sheen and glossy texture will not only add a sense of grandeur to any event, but can also completely transform any space. From elite events to intimate weddings, their versatility cannot be denied. Use these as backdrops, ceiling decorations, and even for commercial trade show booths. For a seamless look, hang multiple panels side by side. You can use our gaudy fringe curtains party in a doorway, in a window, or as a room divider.

The length of these string fringe curtains can easily be adjusted by cutting to suit your desired embellishment. For a more stellar look, these string fringe curtains can also be used to create chandeliers, trade show booths, to highlight or to hide room features, and also to create event backdrops. Along with these curtains our use our foil fringe garland to make a charm in your special day.

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