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Glass & Rustic

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Glass & Rustic


Combining the earthy elegance of rustic elements with crystal clear charisma of premium quality glass, our whimsical collection of Glass & Rustic Decoration offers lovely accent pieces that fuse natural beauty with modish trends. From natural driftwood candle holders to birchwood flower vases, you will find all bucolic beauties here.

Handcrafted with intricate artistry by our master artisans, these Natural Wood Candle Holders offer eccentric designs and unique structures. Exhibit your single stem flowers or picks and branches in our Driftwood Wooden Flower Vase with Glass Tubes - Cylinder Glass Hydroponic Vase. With delicate glass tubes nestled in driftwood logs structure, this stylish piece will take your flower décor to the next level of elegance. Create a quirky display of shine and sparkle by nestling your tea lights, pillar, taper, or votive candles in our unique wooden candle holders like Driftwood Wooden Candle Holder, 5" Tall Natural Wooden Candle Holders with Plastic Lining, 14" Wooden Candle Holders with 3 Metal Plate,   Wooden Pillar Candle Holder Set With Braided Twines Burlap Ribbons and Hanging Stars, and more. Oozing earthy elegance and forest feel, these natural wooden rustic centerpieces are extremely eye-catching and stunning in style and structure. Give your home, office or party space a complete organic feel and beauty with these natural pieces.

At efavormart, we understand how natural elements inspire you and your urge to bring a refreshing rustic feel into your space without losing the glam factor. Blending nature with contemporary flair, our Glass and Rustic decoration supplies are a perfect solution to modern home décor requirements. Check out the entire range now to breathe life and lavishness to your home and party ambiance.

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