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Greenery Garlands

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Greenery Garlands


Breathe life and nature into your home, office, or party space with our refreshing assortment of Artificial Greenery Garlands. Replicating the natural formation and realistic texture of their natural counterparts, these faux greenery garlands will fool anyone with their lifelike construction and natural coloration. Featuring detailed leaves and glossy plastic texture, our Greenery Garlands mimic the refreshing charm of real live plants.

Realistic to the touch and highly appealing visually, our Faux Foliage Garlands are perfect for decorating backdrops, arches, pathways, wall décor, chairs, hallways, DIY party centerpieces, or as a vibrant table runner. These garlands are made using high-quality and super flexible Plastic with wire inside to flawlessly mimic their natural counterpart.

Usher in the natural forest feel and breathe refreshing liveliness into your home interior, partyscape, and event’s décor with our lifelike greenery garlands. Highlighting detailed leaves and shining plastic texture, our Eucalyptus, and Boxwood Leaf Garland, Ivy Leaves Artificial Garlands, Clover Leaf Garlands, Locust Artificial Leaf Garlands, and Olive Branch Garlands imitate the revitalizing beauty of real live plants. Crafted in realistic tones of dark and light green, these UV Protected Greenery Garlands will impart serene scenic beauty to your home, garden, or event’s décor, without losing their lush look.

At Efavormart, we strive to help our creative customers bring their aesthetic dreams to reality. You don’t need to have green fingers to create stunning greenery masterpieces, simply stop by our Greenery Garlands collection and pick Foliage Chains to impart ravishing earthy elegance to your space.

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