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LED Centerpieces

Perhaps you are not interested in plain flower bouquets or want to do something a bit more unique for your centerpieces, look no further than our collection of LED table centerpieces. Due to the mesmeric sheen they exude, these enchanting lights will be the first thing your guests notice. With the immense variety of options, you have a multitude of brilliant possibilities as to how your table setting can be embellished.

Got a marine theme, and perhaps thinking of using live fish centerpieces as part of your decorations? Our selection of submersible lights includes everything from submersible LED waterproof light RGB for vase fish tank to automatic submersible waterproof LED ice cubes RGB for vase fish tank – due to their inherent grandeur multiplied by the optical properties of water, these waterproof luminosities will instantly grab everybody’s attention and beautify your fishing themed table decorations! To add some French charm to your festivity, top off your table presentation with the architectural excellence of our 10 LED 5 color changing acrylic Eiffel tower light table centerpiece. For your enchanted forest theme, we also offer 20 LED shiny decorative party light vase bushes, magic kingdom LED bushes, or battery operated glittered silver manzanita tree centerpiece with LED lights.

To enhance the tempting appeal of your banquet, feel free to mix and match our LED table centerpieces with accessories that can reflect light, such as acrylic ice cubes, faux pearl beads, or sequin rounds, only available here at

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