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LED Columns

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LED Columns

You can add a dreamy touch to your wedding celebration with our LED light pillars – by placing them at strategic places at your banquet. Our lighted columns will look beautiful as they light up your aisle! You may opt for a single color LED light or a programmable LED column to change colors - and enhance the mood of your guests. We provide lighted columns for weddings wholesale in several designs and sizes - to suit the theme of your function.

You can transform your banquet into the city of love with our Eiffel Tower event party columns –that changes colors as the party progresses. Also, you may add a gracious touch to your party decor with our Oriental Pearl Tower prop columns – to blend with an Oriental theme perfectly! Now complete the look with our LED spiral metal columns – placed near the dining tables to provide a magical ambiance to your event.

Our remote controlled LED party column is the perfect accessory for your themed wedding. Just change its colors remotely based on the tempo of your party as you fascinate your guests! Next, dazzle your guests with our 4 color changing LED columnation – to swathe them in exuberant radiance as they enjoy your party. But this is not all – as our Royal Verona LED wedding columns will add magnificence to your grand soiree!

At efavormart.com, we realize that you wish to make your reception truly special. Our wedding pillars decorations are unique and innovative to make your bash truly awesome. Visit our site to explore our fabulous collection – and be prepared to wow your guests!

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