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From the moment you enter the door at an event, the layout and design of the space make a statement. Many event designers, planners, and decorators spend countless hours to create an aesthetically pleasing room. There is so much thought and detail that goes into this creative process—every tablecloth, every chair, every sash, every centerpiece, every napkin, every napkin ring, every charger, every chair cover, every candle, and every other design essential has to be considered. Simplify your event planning with a Luxe Box and Recipe Card.

Melanie of Living Luxuriously for Less has coupled some of her event planning essentials and extras together in a collection entitled, the Luxe Box.   Simplify the design process by shopping her favorites in this Luxe Collection.   Be sure to grab a recipe card for your guest count to make your shopping experience a luxurious one.       

Below you will find a Luxe Box collection that will get your creative juices flowing! Select your Luxe Box based on the number of guests and table shape to aide you in designing a space that will wow your guests. Shop Luxe and spend less time, and money!

*Always order in even numbers; it makes life simple!

Luxe Starter Box

This box includes all of the event design essentials for the “emerging” planner/designer. It includes all of the basics that you will need to excel as you make your grand entrance into the industry.

*Luxe Lessons- For starters, I recommend building your inventory with basic colored linens- white, black and ivory. Incorporate the other colors of your event with the table runners, toppers, sashes and napkins.

Other Basic Essentials

Luxe Intermediate Box

This box a step up from the starter box. Once you have all of your essentials in place; you will need some pieces from this collection to take your designs up a notch. Pieces from this collection will be sure to wow the attendees.

Luxe Specialty Box

If you are looking to floor your guest from the moment they step into the room; this collection is for you. Once you have gathered all your basic and intermediate pieces; shop for your show-stopping design elements here!

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