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Natural & Moss Collection


You don’t have to be an artisan to create woodland charm craft decors and projects. It just takes a cluster of loose decorative moss for planters, some embellishments, a glue, your vessel of choice and your miniature garden is all set. We understand that sometimes you just simply want to relish in the benefits of keeping a garden without having to mow, trim, and fertilize. That is why we've got a great selection of decorative moss for planters and terrariums, moss balls for decoration, and Preserved Natural Moss Grass for your floral arrangements and any event, from weddings to Thanksgiving banquets, birthday parties and any other event that you can think of. Naturally preserved and color intensified for a vibrant hue and an everlasting beauty.

Add fanciful accents to your home and garden with preserved moss picture frames and pots. Take the nursery to your table by growing moss in terrarium. Fill bowls, vases, and apothecary jars with Artificial Preserved Moss Rocks for an exceptional wedding centerpiece. Adorn your outdoor living area with several Gold Glittered Handmade Twig Wicker Balls covered in fairy string lights for a unique rustic decoration. These eco-friendly rattan balls are also perfect for hanging in the bedroom, nursery room, patio, garden or on parties as a Christmas decor, wedding decor and birthday party decor. Enhance the elegance of any space or décor with our assortment of natural decorative orbs for bowls. Comprised of natural pine cones, twigs, and rattan moss balls of varied sizes, this set is perfect for creating your home projects, arrangements such as wreaths, pine cone centerpieces christmas tokens, rustic wedding decor, different centerpieces, and many more floral home decor projects, or just simply put them in a tray or basket. The possibilities are endless.

Efavormart has a dizzying selection of preserved mosses and natural decorative orbs for bowls for your enjoyment. They are very easy to use and versatile as a floral arrangement and decor accessory. Browse our extensive range of Natural & Moss Collection and other coordinating accents crafted from superb quality materials.

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