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Set of 4 | Assorted Wooden Pillar Candle Holders With Braided Twines Burlap Ribbons and Hanging Stars - 8"/7"/5"/4"

Item Number: WOD_CAND_004_NAT

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$169.99 Retail Price

  • Qty: 4 Pillar Candle Holders
  • Material: Wood
  • X Large Holder Height: 8" (18 wood sticks)
  • Larger Holder Height: 7" (16 wood sticks)
  • Medium Holder Height: 5" (16 wood sticks)
  • Small Holder Height: 4" (12 wood sticks)
  • Each Holder Diameter: 3" 
  • Candle holder surface: Metal
  • Small nail at top to hold up the candle
  • Each has natural braided twine at the base and near the top
  • Each Holder Includes a burlap bow and 2 hanging stars
  • All sizes are approximate measurements

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Oozing earthy charm and whimsical woodsy elegance, these All-Natural Wood Pillar Candle Holders will bring a dash of calm forest feel and refreshing appeal of nature to any space. Masterfully handcrafted by our expert artisans, these simple, yet highly artistic candle holders feature round cylinder frame accented by wooden sticks and natural braided twine with additional embellishment of burlap bow and hanging star ornaments. Metal candle holder sitting atop this wooden frame is perfect to hold pillar candles, votive candles, tea lights, and even taper candles in a stylish manner.

With their rustic wooden texture and unusual artistic design, these candle holders make an ideal decorative accent to adorn Woodland theme and Farmhouse style events. Create nostalgic glowing silhouettes of romantic bonfire by lighting soft tea lights and votive candles. Perfect to add a dash of exotic sparkle into your tabletops and candle displays, these lovely holders also double as handy and hearty keepsakes and party favors.

Additional Information:

  • Qty: 4 Pillar Candle Holders
  • Material: Wood
  • Height: 8", 7", 5", 4"
  • Diameter: 3"
  • Can fit candles up to 3" width in size
  • Each Star Size: 1" L & 1" W
  • Candle holder has a small nail sticking up to hold up the candle. Candle holder surface made of metal.
  • Each has natural braided twine at the base and near the top. Includes a burlap bow and 2 hanging stars, Twine and bow are stapled on.
  • All sizes are approximate measurements


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