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Favor decorating isn't all stamps and hand written tags, there are also so many fun flowery touches to be added, like with our ribbon rose buds! Each of these ribbon rose buds are made of a rolled ribbon for a delicate presentation. There are so many options for decorating with craft flowers. Event planners will use ribbon roses to create DIY corsages and headpieces for the bridal party, or even decorate invitations to give a sensory attractiveness to the presentation. Small ribbon roses can encircle glass bowls, wrap around silverware sets or top place cards for an added romantic touch. Ribbon craft favors also don't wilt or age like real flowers will, making these everlasting decorations. Design beautiful favors with these very affordable small ribbon roses. Favor decorations shouldn't cost more than the favors, which is why you get 144 buds in every order to play around with for the ideal arrangement. These buds come in bunches of twelve, which can be used as is, or separated out for individual use. Shop for cheap favor decorations here at, where you'll find beautiful ribbon roses and other craft flowers for your project, party or wedding.