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Rock Fillers


To give your vase a complete look, you need more than just flowers. And you can achieve the perfect, polished look with rock vase fillers. Vase fillers are created to bring dimension, intensity, and richness to the general appearance of the vase. Some utilize vase filler stones to secure a flowering arrangement. Not only do these decorative glass gems uphold an arrangement, but these vase filler rocks also give an added color to complement the perennials of your choice.

Bring a sense of fresh style and natural beauty to your home, office, or event’s space with beautiful vase filler stones. Whatever you display is sure to look crisp and creative against the backdrop of these soft-hued stones. Simply scatter these rock vase fillers on the ground to make a path, or scatter on the table to highlight an important station. Perfect to be used as decorative glass gems on flower arrangements, centerpiece décors, or as table scatters. Combining earthy elegance with a sparkling metallic sheen, we present our shiny silver tinted gravel vase filler stones. Natural rocky charm coupled with lustrous metallic glint will give your space and décor a whimsical appeal and glamorous serenity.

Breathe life and vivacity into your tablescape by adding waterproof led battery operated lights along with these decorative glass gems. Bring your centerpieces to life by lighting glitzy LEDs in your vases, heightening the glamour of the acrylic crystals, decorative glass gems or Decorative Crushed Gravel Pebble Stone Vase Fillers manifold. Either adorn vases of different sorts or simply scatter these pretty bulk vase fillers rocks to exude their brilliance on their own. Your guests will marvel at the sparkling festivity of your celebration with vibrant colors glowing and flashing all around the place.

Efavormart's vase filler stones are the answer to the perfect base of your greenery and foliage and are the ideal vase accent for indoor and outdoor use. There are numerous ways you can be creative and utilize these beautiful bulk vase fillers. The subtle differences it brings to landscape and interiors will make your home seem adeptly designed. These vase filler rocks also work well with air plant terrariums, top dressing for wedding favors, or to invigorate some of your seasoned planters. Adding rock vase fillers to some DIY garden project will complement the look and keep your planters looking pristine long after the soil has begun to wilt.

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