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Rock Fillers


Bring a sense of fresh style and natural beauty to your home, office, or event’s space with these beautiful vase filler stones. Against the backdrop of these soft hued stones, whatever you display is sure to look crisp and creative. Simply scatter them on the ground to make a path, or scatter on the table to highlight an important station. Perfect to be used as decorative glass gems, flower arrangements, centerpiece décor and table scatters.

Combining earthy elegance with sparkling metallic sheen, we present our shiny silver tinted gravel vase filler stones. Natural rocky charm coupled with lustrous metallic glint will give your space and décor a whimsical appeal and glamorous serenity. Against the backdrop of these glistening stones, whatever you display is sure to look ornate and regal.

Breathe life and vivacity into your tablescape with these waterproof led battery operated lights. Bring your centerpieces come to life by lighting these glitzy LEDs in your vases, heightening the glamour of your acrylic crystals, acrylic diamonds or jelly filler balls manifold. Either adorn vases of different sorts or simply scatter these to exude their brilliance on their own. Your guests will marvel the sparkling festivity of your celebration with vibrant colors glowing and flashing all around in all places. The attribute of being waterproof make them an ideal choice for under water decoration or accentuating in damp areas. So go ahead, and Light your Tabletops Up!

No magic spell or a magic wand is needed now to transform and glow your earthly event into a celestial fantasy, just a push of button, and here you go!, creating a pure whimsical mood of festivity with these waterproof battery powered led lights. You can be the one who decides when this divine ballet begins and when it climaxes simply by switching the lights off using our latest remote controlled fairy lights. Your guests will be startled and awe-struck on witnessing such a spectacular display of festive fairies suddenly coming alive, rising with empyrean shimmer from their divine nests. Place these paradise parcels of waterproof battery operated string lights and its glitz and glam atop your centerpieces, floral vases, or backdrops to indulge the audience in an overwhelming fantasy celebration.

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