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Silk Lilies

If you can’t resist the charm of lily blossoms, don’t let budget stand in your way with our life-like artificial lilies. Featuring buds crafted from high-quality materials and upgraded with bendable wired stems, our foam and silk lilies will easily beautify your bouquets, flower arrangement, centerpieces, corsages, or whatever deserves their captivating touch.

Available in a range of colors, our gorgeous fake lily flowers will be hard to differentiate from the real thing, whether you’re in need of white calla lilies, blue silk lilies, or purple silk stargazers. No matter what lily varieties you prefer, we offer everything from life-size calla lilies and artificial silk tiger lily flowers to supersized casa blanca lilies and oriental lily flowers bushes. In case you’re looking for a real-touch calla lily that can be twisted around stems, branches, or basket holders, our artificial single stem mini calla lily that are made of foam will assist in your creative ambitions! Aside from an immense variety of species and colors, you can also let your imagination run wild with a full selection of sizes and different numbers of flowers per order.

Still trying to quench your thirst for beauty with pictures of lily flowers? Stop by efavormart and you’ll make your dreams come true with our lilies for sale!

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