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Silk Rose Single & Long Stems

Silk Rose Single & Long Stems

Roses have always been associated with the sentiments of love, friendship, happiness, and festivity. People express their deeply felt emotions with these happy blooms. Showcase your eternal love for the one that you love with this bundle of everlasting and undying roses. Our navy blue artificial roses are handcrafted from premium quality smooth fabric to impart a surreal luster and accented with lush green foliage and dazzling dew drops on its giant silk flowers petals to augment their authenticity. These Long Stem Silk Rose are super-soft, realistic looking giant size rose buds are bright, colorful, inexpensive and economical; a must-have for any type of celebration. Use these navy blue artificial roses for church ceremonies, weddings, showers, anniversaries, gifts or for home embellishment.

We offer the flower of love in the most popular silk rose colors to make a statement. Thinking of having roses forever? Our silk line enables you to experience this special Single & Long Stem silk rose flower day after day. Use the classic White Artificial Long Stem Silk Rose Flowers With Green Leaves alone or match them up with calla lilies and grasses for a crisp look, or purple and yellow flowers for a picturesque springtime display, these faux blooms will work wonderfully with any arrangement. These luscious, life-like blooms will also give a stunning beauty to wedding floral arrangements. The blend of soft colors and lively green leaves brings the real beauty of florals to any setting. These long stem flowers will also look charming in a clear glass vase or when added to other florals to complete the ensemble.

The excellent thing about our realistic range of silk and faux flowers is the absolute ease of use with utterly no hassle. No watering, no maintenance, and you can utilize them time and time repeatedly to make breathtaking expressions for your celebrations or home interiors! Any of our silk and faux flowers match excellently with our wide array of glass cylinders, metallic, and unique vases! Mix and match to produce a look that is solely yours!

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