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Single Wing Butterflies

Your wedding requires much more than delicious food and great wine – to make it unique and special! We provide butterfly wall stickers 3D to fascinate your guests and provide a rejuvenating ambiance at your reception. Our 3D wall stickers are made from high-quality PVC that makes them retain their color and 3D effect for a long time – so that you can use them again for your other events!

Get the freshness of morning sky into your reception with our blue collection 3D butterfly wall decals – as they make the surroundings lively and vibrant. Continue this vibrancy with our green collection butterfly wall stickers and yellow butterfly living room stickers that are realistic enough to amaze your guests. Place them on your flowerpots or arrange them randomly on the entrance arches to welcome and fascinate your guests!

Amaze everyone with our purple collection 3D butterfly wall decals and pink collection butterfly wall stickers that you can hang easily from your ceiling or wall with wire hooks. Also, you can attach them to metallic objects with their underside magnet.  This is a brilliant way to impress your guests - as our butterfly stickers for walls are realistic enough to make them feel as if they are walking in a pretty garden!

At, we share your sentiments about making your grand soiree interesting! Our butterfly wall sticker designs are innovative and trendy enough to wow your guests at the party. Visit us to explore our collection – and we will ensure that you get compliments from everyone!

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