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Event planners can benefit from the affordable characteristic of wholesale tulle rolls. Event planners can use these rolls of tulle to decorate large spaces at a low price. Using a variety of discount wedding supplies helps event planners to provide a dreamy appearance to a variety of sites, including wedding receptions in ballrooms, outdoor galas and corporate events in banquet halls.

Event planners can use wholesale tulle rolls in a variety of ways. Rolls of tulle can be used to create a ceiling treatment. Use tulle and other wedding supplies to create a web effect or string the tulle across columns for a stunning effect. These discount wedding supplies can also be used to create a canopy and focal point near a wedding cake, over the head table or by a stage. Using wedding supplies like tulle in specific areas can also define specific areas such as the dance floor. Purchasing bolts of tulle at a discounted price by buying wholesale can save event planners a substantial amount of money on fabric that they can use again and again.

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