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25 Pack - 6" Eco Friendly Palm Leaf Disposable Square Salad Dessert Plates

Item Number: PLTE_PK604

Palm Leaf Plates, Salad Dessert Plates, Compostable Plates
Palm Leaf Plates, Salad Dessert Plates, Compostable Plates
Palm Leaf Plates, Salad Dessert Plates, Compostable Plates
Palm Leaf Plates, Salad Dessert Plates, Compostable Plates
$6.99 Sale Price
$77.02 Retail Price

QTY: 25 Dessert Plates
Material: Palm Leaf
Color: Natural
Product Length: 6 Inches
Product Width: 6 Inches
Shape: Square
Eco Friendly: Yes
Bio Degradable: Yes
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.
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Bring an eco-friendly twist to your dining and culinary experience with our chic collection of Biodegradable Palm leaf Tableware selection that has been specially manufactured with the most natural and earth-friendly source; Fallen Palm Leaves! Our Chambury Casa Collection of biodegradable Dishware and Flatware covers all your culinary needs in the most environmental friendly manner. Set an eco-chic dining table with our elegant Palm leaf plates fashioned in contemporary square shape. These plates are the perfect fusion of design, efficiency and ecological sensitivity. This collection of chic and unique plates is made from palm leaves that have naturally fallen to the ground. The leaves were collected and soaked in local source of spring water and then were pressed into desired shapes. No tree was ever cut down or harvested in making of these plates. The salad dessert plates are free from any chemicals, harmful toxins, waxes, dyes or any additives. These are compostable yet absolutely resilient and sturdy. Now you can avail an environmental substitute to disposable paper and plastic plates. These compostable plates are BPI-certified and renewable. The unique smell of palm leaves gives an undeniable natural flavor to your food. Much to your relief, you finally have the purposeful disposable utensils to augment your eco-chic table setting. Invite your friends, acquaintances and colleagues, anytime, every time with the most eco friendly dinnerware collection.

Additional information:

  • Product Material : Palm Leaf
  • Color : Natural
  • Product Length : 6 Inch
  • Product Width : 6 Inch
  • Shape : Square
  • Eco Friendly : Yes
  • Bio Degradable : Yes
  • WARNING : Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe
  • Keep away from direct heat!
  • Uses : Banquet, Home, Picnic, Outdoor Party, College Outings

Note : All natural Palm Leaves have a unique smell and design. This is not a defect, and is actually indication that this is 100% authentic palm leaf. The smell can dissipate some by leaving in open air, but may still be noticeable. Please keep this in mind when ordering.


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