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Wooden Servings


A traditional and ageless accent for any party or event, wood has been regularly used to enhance or magnify rustic themed banquets, hotels, and other festivities. Whether you are looking to exhibit food for sharing during an occasion or just want to bring a classy yet natural touch to a small affair, we have the perfect Wooden Servings for you. Our eco-friendly, biodegradable wood plates bulk is 100% decomposable and is an excellent option for traditional plastic plates. Excellent for bringing an organized beauty to any table, our wooden plates wholesale to-go are created from plant materials, such as pinewood, birchwood, and carefully pressed palm leaves. Because these tablewares are perishable, they are excellent for the environment as well.

Set up tables for a luxurious dining experience with this nature-friendly pinewood, birchwood disposable plates, and palm leaf platters. This eco-friendly tableware is a chic and stylish way to exhibit a fancy gastronomic setting. These disposable wooden plates for wedding are perfectly sized and ideal as appetizer and salad plates and will also look stunning when piled by an elegant buffet table. Magnify any banquet service utilizing these environment-friendly plates and let the natural staining give a clean backdrop to any kind of food display.

If you're looking for something unique for a party, picnic or wedding reception you're gonna love our fine wooden plates wholesale. They not only look incredible and durable, but they are also an excellent alternative to paper, plastic, or foam plates. Eco-friendly wood plates bulk is an innovative approach to serve fruit, small salads, side dishes, desserts, appetizers, and a whole lot more! Suitably dispensable, these wooden plates wholesale are the ideal enhancement to cafeterias, cafes and catered events. Along with its premium quality, our disposable wooden plates for wedding offer a line of premium quality disposable wooden utensils. These all-natural wooden forks, knives, and spoons will complete the fascinating original look your dinner visitors will see.

Efavormart's eco-friendly, natural-looking wooden plates wholesale offer a comprehensive solution when preparing foods to-go, small scale dinners, and large catered functions. Your guest is sure to take note of your eco-friendly wooden plates wholesale serving solutions. Whether you're searching for bulk disposable wooden plates for wedding or catered celebration, or disposable wood plates bulk for home use, we have an alternative for you.

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