10 Pack Silver Trim White Plastic Square Dessert Plates, Disposable Appetizer Salad Plates 7"

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Size: 7"


Quantity: 10 Dessert Plates
Material: Hard Plastic
Color: White/Silver
Size: 7” x 7"
Shape: Square
Style: Banded Rim
Type: Dessert & Salad Plate
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Elegant Silver Trim White Plastic Square Dessert Plates

Introducing our elegant silver trim white plastic square dessert plates! These plates are not only stylish, but also perfect for serving your hot or cold foods, desserts, or salads. With a versatile 7-inch diameter, they are ideal for a variety of fare. Whether you're serving salads, pasta, sandwiches, or delectable desserts, these plates will add a touch of sophistication to your table.

Designed in a trendy square shape, these deluxe dinnerware pieces will instantly enhance the temptation and scrumptiousness of your appetizers, main courses, pastas, salads, and other delicious treats. The silver trim adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication, making these plates perfect for any special occasion.

For a truly upscale table presentation, pair these beautiful plates with our square shaped bowls, glasses, cups, votive holders, glass vases, and other decorations. Create a dream-like cohesive party decoration by placing these elite plates along with our rose gold polished cutlery and stemware atop rose gold-tone tablecloths, table linens, table runners, and table mats. Your guests will be impressed by the cohesive and elegant look of your event decor.


Versatile and Convenient Disposable Appetizer Salad Plates

Our disposable appetizer salad plates are not only stylish, but also incredibly convenient. Made from premium quality plastic, these contemporary square-shaped plates are beautifully embellished with a glimmering silver trim on the outer and inner rims. The glossy luster of the refined plastic mimics the opulence of real china, while the metallic silver accents add an absolute royal sheen to your tablescape.

These classy plates are perfect for serving appetizers, salads, or any other delectable treats. Their 7-inch diameter makes them versatile enough to be used for a variety of dishes. Whether you're hosting a wedding, party, or any other special event, these plates will elevate your table presentation and impress your guests.

The best part? These appetizer salad plates are disposable, making cleanup a breeze. After your event, simply toss them away without the hassle of washing dishes. This not only saves you time and effort but also allows you to enjoy your event without worrying about the cleanup. With these convenient and stylish plates, you can focus on creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


Perfect for Weddings, Parties, and More

Our silver trim white plastic square dessert plates are the perfect choice for weddings, parties, and any other special occasions. Their elegant design and high-quality construction make them a standout addition to your event decor. The silver trim adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, ensuring that your table setting looks absolutely stunning.

These plates are not just limited to desserts. They can also be used for serving salads, appetizers, or any other delicious dishes. Their versatile nature makes them a must-have for any event. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, these plates will impress your guests and elevate the overall ambiance.

Made from durable plastic, these plates offer the convenience of disposability without compromising on style. You can enjoy the beauty of fine china without the worry of breakage or the hassle of washing dishes. With these silver trim white plastic square dessert plates, you can create a memorable and elegant dining experience for your guests.


Additional Information:

  • Base Dimensions: 4" x 4"
  • Outer Rim Width: 3/16"
  • Inner Rim Width: 1/16"
  • Space Between Rims: 0.5"
  • FDA Approved: Yes
  • How to Clean: Wash by hand with mild soap and water
  • Perfect for wedding, birthday, upscale occasions, and any special events
  • WARNING: Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe


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Dinner plates
real user review 10 Pack Gold Trim White Square Plastic Dinner Plates, Disposable Party Plates 10
Good quality as advertised
Huyen V.
Verified Buyer
Tea Party
Amazing my table looked awesome !
Alice J.
Verified Buyer
White square dinner plate
Thank you so much guys 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽fantastic I really like it Everybody likes it for real A lot of people want to buy for the party so I told them if they are please the order they have to put my name on it for me to get points😊😊😊
Regina A.
Verified Buyer
Good for price
Using for our wedding. Seem sturdy enough to work good for what we’re having. Look just like pictured.
Bradley L.
Verified Buyer
Imagine a table set with white everything. The rose gold trimmed dinner and dessert plates are so elegant that you forget they're disposable! The rose gold trim really gave life to my table.
Pamela L.
Verified Buyer
I had a wonderful experience. All of my orders were quickly processed and delivered in a timely manner.
Barbara B.
Verified Buyer
Love these!
real user review 10 Pack Gold Trim White Square Plastic Dinner Plates, Disposable Party Plates 10
Was a good at to my table decor
Kennethia B.
Verified Buyer
Photo review
Excellent - it was a good product And it looks elegant
Grace C.
Verified Buyer
Disposable Plastic Square Dinner Plates
real user review 10 Pack Silver Trim White Square Plastic Dinner Plates, Disposable Party Plates 10
The plates were beautiful on our tables at the wedding. Would order again!
Shawana D.
Verified Buyer
Awesome touch to my event! Very sturdy
Jennifer F.
Verified Buyer