100 Pcs White Round Food Grade Paper Lace Doilies 8"

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Size: 8"


Quantity: 100 Lace Doilies
Material: Paper
Color: White
Style: Lace Paper Placemats
Shape: Round
Diameter: 8"
Thickness: 50GSM
Special design: Antique Lace Design
Disposable Tableware makes after-party cleanup quick and convenient


White Round Paper Doilies - Add Elegance to Your Table

White Round Paper Doilies - Add Elegance to Your Table

Enhance the aesthetic appeal and sophistication of your tables with our exquisite White Round Paper Doilies. Crafted from food-grade paper, these doilies feature a vintage hollow cutout design and scalloped edges, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a birthday party, or a holiday gathering, these doilies are the perfect choice to showcase your desserts, salads, pasta, and more.

Not only do our White Round Paper Doilies elevate the visual presentation of your food, but they also offer practical benefits. Made from sturdy paper, they are highly absorbent and grease-proof, ensuring that your foods stay fresh and flavorsome. These doilies are designed to absorb oil, water, and moisture, providing a clean and neat dining experience for your guests.

In addition to their use as food presentation accessories, our White Round Paper Doilies can also serve as modern decorative placemats. Use them to line cake plates, cupcake stands, and even under cups and sandwiches for an added touch of sophistication. They are also ideal for crafting, scrapbooking, and gift wrapping purposes. With their versatility and charm, these doilies are a must-have for any event decorator or party planner.

Food Grade Doilies - Safe and Stylish Table Decor

Food Grade Doilies - Safe and Stylish Table Decor

When it comes to table decor, both safety and style are important. Our Food Grade Doilies offer the perfect blend of elegance and convenience. The lovely lace design combined with the sturdy paper construction makes these doilies not only visually appealing but also practical for use. Crafted from food-grade paper, they provide a safe and hygienic surface for your food.

The absorbent and grease-proof nature of our Food Grade Doilies ensures that they can handle any culinary creation. Whether you're serving oily appetizers, moist desserts, or saucy pasta dishes, these doilies will keep your food looking fresh and appetizing. Say goodbye to messy plates and hello to a clean and sophisticated dining experience.

In addition to their use as food accessories, our Food Grade Doilies can also be used for various other purposes. From crafting to gift wrapping, these doilies offer endless possibilities. Their elegant design adds a touch of charm to any project or gift. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a birthday party, or a holiday gathering, these doilies are the perfect choice to elevate your table decor.

100 Pcs White Round Paper Doilies - Versatile and Convenient

100 Pcs White Round Paper Doilies - Versatile and Convenient

Get ready to impress your guests with our 100 Pcs White Round Paper Doilies. These doilies are not only elegant but also incredibly versatile. With a generous quantity of 100 pieces, you'll have more than enough to decorate your dessert tables, cake tables, candy bars, and more. The classic white color adds a timeless touch to any event decor.

Measuring 8 inches in diameter, these doilies are the perfect size for lining cake plates, cupcake stands, and other serving platters. They can also be used under cups, sandwiches, and even pizza for an added touch of fancy. The possibilities are endless with these multipurpose doilies.

Made from high-quality paper, our White Round Paper Doilies are not only durable but also disposable. This makes them a convenient choice for any event or gathering. Whether you're hosting a large wedding or a small intimate gathering, these doilies will add style and elegance to your table settings without the hassle of cleanup. Shop now and elevate your event decor with our 100 Pcs White Round Paper Doilies.

Additional Information:

  • The doilies can be easily separated from each other, convenient to add more fancy and elegance to your art and craft projects.
  • Wide Applications: cake mats, food pad, place on trays, under juice glasses, under butter, under flower vases, wrapping small gifts, wrap wedding invitations, card making, craft projects and scrapbook projects etc.
  • Fit for festive occasions like Christmas parties, Valentine's parties, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations that needs extra elegance.


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Doilies dinner
real user review 50 Pack Metallic Gold Medallion Style Paper Placemats, 12
It add some class to my table setting and style
Jacquelyn C.
Verified Buyer
Paper doilies
They were just what I needed for a church function. It is desirable to have the tables look elegant while staying within the church budget. Efavormart has made that possible
Dee T.
Verified Buyer
Great for desserts!
They’re really nice quality weight and all of their designs were punched out perfectly!
Caroline S.
Verified Buyer
Look Great for Wedding
Definitely best price for what i was looking for. Glad i bought 2 packs as some stuck together and were hard to remove. Would give 5 stars if they didn't stick together.
Emily S.
Verified Buyer
Baby Shower
Love the dollies!
Deidre C.
Verified Buyer
The doilies were very smart, the only problem is when you seperated them they left pieces of paper everywhere
Verified Buyer
A classic; as expected
These have been around forever, and for good reason. We do a lot of food events and always find these helpful when serving trays of desserts, appetizers and finger foods to large crowds. They are white paper cutouts and are just as shown in the photo. A classic food service item.
Donna C.
Verified Buyer
Great decorative placemats
real user review 100 Pcs White Food Grade Paper Placemats, Round Lace Paper Doilies 12
They are a bit difficult to peel apart. But they look great. Clean up was quick because they are disposable.
Katie B.
Verified Buyer
Well there isnt a option to add photo. Would love to enter
Angie T.
Verified Buyer