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10W Hot Melt Glue Gun


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$8.69 Retail Price

  • Quantity: 1 pc / order Small Glue Gun
  • Material: Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Warm-up Time: 3-5 minutes
  • Working power: 10W
  • Working Voltage: 120V
  • Used with 7mm Glue Sticks
  • 3 Colors available: Grey, Black, or Blue (Color is picked randomly during picking process)
  • Size: 5" height x 4.25" wide
  • Nozzle Dia - 1mm
  • Cable length: 5 Feet

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These craft glue guns operate at high temperature from electric supply for long-lasting, more robust glue bond. The light weight and portable craft glue guns can easily be taken along while traveling. This handy tool, with its affordable cost and unsurpassed performance, will soon become an essential supply to all your craft projects from scrapbooking and card making to home decoration and accessory adornments.

Additional Information:

  • Size: Approx. 5" height x 4.25" wide.
  • Quantity: 1 pc / order small glue gun
  • Color is picked randomly during picking process between Grey, Black, or Blue    
  • 120 Volts
  • Uses: Wedding, Birthday, Party Favor Gift Decoration, Craft Project


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