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12 Pack | 108 Pcs Red Tulip Artificial Flowers

Item Number: ARTI_1802_RED

$19.99 Sale Price
$39.99 Retail Price

  • Flower Type: Tulip
  • Material : High Quality Silk
  • Foam Base used to give the Shape of Flower
  • Qty : 12 Bushes (Total 108 Flowers)
  • Each Bush : 9 Flowers and 8 Leaves
  • Bush Height: 12"(Approx.)
  • Each Stem Height: 8"-10" (Varies)
  • Each Flower Height: 2"
  • Each Flower Width: 1.5" (Approx.)
  • Feature: Removable Head, Real Touch, Natural-looking
  • Wired Stem: No worry about the bended branches caused by transport.
  • Perfect for your wedding, party, home, office, garden, and other place decoration

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Breathtakingly beautiful bulbs of Tulips are perhaps one of the most gorgeous gifts of Mother Nature! We simply love to add tulips into our bouquets, floral arrangements, stage setups, backdrop accents, and table centerpieces. And with our life-like Silk Replicas, you can now make everlasting and wilt-free floral decorations, imparting a refreshingly radiant charm to your indoor or outdoor space. Soft, silky Tulip Bulbs together with realistic faux foliage are perfect to add an instant and everlasting visual element to your flower arrangement, bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, backdrops, and other floral arrangements. Whether you are hosting a garden party, a birthday celebrations, shower event, or a wedding dinner, our gorgeous Hydrangea silk bushes will bring a refreshing floral twist to your space décor!

Additional Information:

  • Flower Type: Tulip
  • Material : High Quality Silk and Foam
  • Quantity Per Order- 12 Bushes (Total 108 Flowers)
  • Each Bush Contains: 9 Flowers and 8 Leaves
  • Measurement-Bush Height: 12"(Approx.), Bush Size: 5" (Approx.), Stem Height: 8"-10" (Varies)
  • Each Leaf size: 5"x2"
  • Each Flower Height: 2"
  • Each Flower Width: 1.5" (Approx.)


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