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3 Layered Wholesale Organza Pleated Table Skirt With Satin Bottom - White - 17 FT

Item Number: SKT_07_WHT_17


  • Material: Organza, Satin
  • 3 Pleated Layers(5mm pleates)
  • Size-17 FT (29" Drop covers standard table of 30" tall)
  • Serged Edges
  • Velcro on Top
  • 15 skirt clips recommended (Click Here to View the Clips)
  • Clips not included in the order, need to purchase separately

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Combining the elegance of three most desired and admired styles; Organza, Satin, and Ruffles, we present to you one of a kind wedding/ banquet table skirts. Fashioned from premium quality Organza and Satin fabric in contemporary ruffle style, this table skirt will instantly add a swish flair and visual element to your ordinary party tables. Besides hiding those unsightly table legs, these opulent table skirts will also give your wedding and banquet tables a chic twist, transforming them into royal banquets. Organza layers coupled with sheer delicacy of Satin bottom make this table skirt an ideal addition to your event’s decoration. Pair these with matching taffeta or satin tablecloths to create a charming coherent theme ambiance, or use contrastive shades for an exotic festive feel!

Additional Information:
Color- White
Material: Organza, Satin
Size-17’ x 29"
15 skirt clips recommended

Used In:
* Wedding Table Decoration
* Party Table Decoration
* Outdoor Easter Decoration
* Table Setting
* Dining Table Decoration
* Easter Table Decoration
* Wedding Reception Decoration
* DIY wedding decorations
* Wedding Tables
* Table Decor
* Christmas Table Décor
* Flower Table Decoration
* Wedding Ceremony Décor
* Birthday Table Décor