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21" x 10 Yards 21x10 Yard Twirl-N-Wrap Mesh Roll - Fushia

21'' x 10 Yards Fushia Twirl-N-Wrap Mesh Roll

Item Number: MESH21_FUSH

$3.99 Sale Price
$5.79 Retail Price

  • Each roll is 21" wide x 10 yards.
  • Made of plastic.
  • Mesh rolls can be used for wrapping, decorating, background, etc.

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Light as clouds and glimmering as stars, our fascinating Mesh Rolls are a pure delight to the eyes when wrapped glamorously around your artistic creations. The soft and smooth texture of fine mesh helps in occupying space while twirling and swirling with the flow of breeze, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Either use these individually to create a totally surreal mood of festivity, or mix and match with multiple interlocking colors to launch an orchestra of tantalizing hues. Let your imagination fly high, use these parcels from paradise, twirl them, use them to wrap your centerpieces, packages, gifts, favors, even columns and arches in the most empyrean manner.

Additional Information:
Made of plastic.
Each roll is 21" wide x 10 yards.

Uses : Wedding, Party, Birthday, Events, DIY, Decoration


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