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24" Satin Organza Ribbon With Ostrich Feather Accented Rose Pew Bows

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  • Bow size: Approx 10" diameter x 24" length
  • Bow Layout: 8 loops of 6" wide Shimmering Organza
  • 2 loops of 1 1/2 wide Satin Ribbon decorated with rhinestones
  • 24" long tail featuring satin, organza ribbon
  • The center of the bow features a single rose, with an ostrich plume feather accent

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Pew bows are admired and adored by people of all ages and belonging to all walks of life. Pew bows, church bows, or wedding pews are one of the most affordable, adorable, and durable embellishment that are very much in demand these days. Mimicking the shape and hue of a gorgeous blooming floral masterpiece, our mesmeric pew bows are heavenly and so very pleasing to the eyes and soul of the spectators. These pretty pew bows can be attached with the pew clips, arches, stairways, columns, and chairs by using the chenille stem. These bows are an ideal accent to heighten the adorability of wedding pews, church pews, chair backs, garden chair and gazebos, railings, banisters, candelabras, archways, signs, etc. What better way to decorate your party ambiance or the path you will walk down with our lovely, handcrafted pew bows. With a stunning combination of ribbons, tulle, and flowers, our pew bows are simply out of the world! A cord can be used to hang these bows around the top of a pew or around the chairs to beautify the ambiance of your ceremony. You have a choice to use it as it is or decorate it further with flowers, laces, ribbons, pearls or ruffles. This beautiful pre-made pew bow is a perfect adornment to enhance the adorability of your setting.

Additional Information:

  • Bow size: approx. 10" diameter x 24" length
  • Bow Layout:
  • 8 loops of 6" wide Shimmering Organza 
  • 2 loops of 1 1/2" wide Satin Ribbon decorated with rhinestones 
  • 24" long tail featuring organza & satin ribbon
  • The center of the bow features a single rose, with an ostrich plume feather accent.
  • Uses: Wedding Pews, Event Pews, Church Pews, Chair Backs, Gazebos, Archways Decoration


  • Pew bows are NOT pre-made. Production begins only after it has been ordered.
  • Pew Bows are custom made to order. Custom made products are not returnable or exchangeable. 
  • Each bow is custom made, slight size variation may occur.


  • This is the time required for production of your personalized item BEFORE shipping, and does not include actual transit time.
  • Please allow yourself enough time for the additional production time you've chosen.


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